Digital and Offset Printing

Offset Printing

High Image Quality & Accuracy | Medium to Large Runs | Static Reproduction

Offset printing is the traditional method for printing high quality printed products requiring medium to high volume quantities. Files are imaged to printing plates for press, the plates are mounted on press according to color, and inked by a series of rollers. The plate image is transferred to a rubber printing blanket and in turn to the press sheet traveling though the press at a high rate of speed. Our offset printing department includes six presses of various sizes to meet all requirements. Quantities of 1000 or more are the right fit and economical for offset print.

Digital Printing

Full Color | Fast Turnaround | Short Run | Static & Variable Reproduction

Digital printing processes print files electronically with computer driven software. Files are imaged directly by a print head from sheet to sheet. This is a toner based process using 4-color (CMYK), which can be adjusted for custom colors. Current digital printing technology provides quality image reproduction on a wide variety of substrates. There is less setup involved, yielding a lower cost and faster output than offset technology. Several finishing requirements can also be performed inline on the equipment. Quantities of 1000 or less are a great fit for digital printing. Variable data is an additional advantage of digital technology allowing information changes to both text and graphics from piece to piece. This is a targeted method that requires a high level of detail, but can also provide a high impact for business cards, stationery and envelopes, flyers, postcards, forms, manuals, booklets, labels, catalogs, tags, tickets, and much more.

Direct Mail

Direct Mailing | Bulk Mailing Services

Our Mailing Service is the one-stop solution for your postcards, catalogs, greeting cards, booklets, newsletters and direct mail campaigns. We provide Variable Data Printing (VDP), which automates the direct mail process so that each direct mail piece can look as if it's been expressly designed and printed for a single person. Smartly executed, it maximizes the relevance of your direct mail piece and drives responses. Our mailing service includes mail merging, individual numbering, tab printing and collation.

Fulfillment and Warehousing

Fulfillment | Storage | Shipping


We Provide: Long term or short term warehouse rack and shelf storage. 
We also provide: Organized, accurate fulfillment programs, packed and shipped at your behest.

With: Shipping via U.S. Postal Service, or package services (UPS, FEDEX, DHL), on your account or ours.
We also offer: a full size dock, for incoming or outgoing palletized material via trucking company (LTL) or courier service.

We can also provide: Local delivery services upon request. 


Finishing | Assembly | Kitting

Our Bindery & Finishing Services provide the frame and finish for your digital or offset print project once it rolls off our presses. Coupled with The REPRO Center's high speed equipment, our skilled bindery technicians assure that your projects are out the door as quickly as possible.

Binding Options

Comb Bind
Plastic Coil
Perfect Bind
Wire-O Bind
Tape Bind
3 Hole Punch

Finishing Options

Die Cut